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We'll planned and executed best practices of keyword targeting, SKU optimization, and on-platform ads to make sure your product always be there when customer needed in marketplace like Shopee, Tokopedia, and Lazada

  • Advanced Marketplace Structure Ads

  • SKU & Catalog Optimization

  • Data Driven Reporting

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Struggling to Maintain Marketplace ROI while marketizing SKUs and brands?

Meet the demand for your products and brands through your comprehensive 360-degree marketing campaigns. We handle everything from setup, keyword research, daily (even hourly) optimizations, and detailed reporting. Whether you're operating on platforms such as Shopee, Tokopedia, or Lazada, and whether you're managing 10, 50, or even 100 SKUs, or overseeing 1 brand or 10-20 brands within your enterprise, our wealth of experience in FMCG Marketplace management can deliver substantial improvements to your ROI.

Empower Your Product Demand with Our Marketplace Ads.

Budget Planning

We will allocate budgets for each Marketplace Ads platform, including Shopee Ads, Tokopedia Ads, Lazada Ads, and others, based on strategic considerations.

SKUs & Catalog Optimization

We will perform a comprehensive SKU audit by reviewing key aspects such as headlines, product photos, descriptions, and other relevant parts that could ready your product listings to achieve their highest potential for converting customers.

Keyword Research

Most of the marketplace utilizes search ads, and the critical importance of it is keyword planning. We will conduct deep research and implement best practices to minimize unnecessary budget expenditure.

Hourly-Basis Optimization

Marketplace trends and algorithms evolve daily, particularly during events like sale days or double-date sales. To stay ahead and make the most of these trends, we engage in hourly-specific optimizations. Rest assured, we'll handle all of this for you.

Data Driven Reporting System

Our dedicated team diligently monitors your cross-channel ad performance, landing page metrics, and overall marketplace revenue metrics on a daily basis using our tailor-made reporting system.

Promotion Campaign Setup

We will provide comprehensive assistance by offering suggestions for setting up a promotion campaign that is designed to yield beneficial results.

What Should You Do To Be a Partner

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Ready to elevate your brand? Take the first step by clicking the CTA, filling out the form, and gaining access to a complimentary brand audit. Anticipate an engaging initial meeting with our team to dive deeper. Your brand's evolution is on the horizon!

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2. Get our in-depth the brand audit from us

Unlock insights with a complimentary brand audit! Get a free audit driven by experience and data. We'll safeguard trust with an NDA. Let's begin this adventure!

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3. Envision your growth through proposal

During the audit, you could expect tailored service options, pricing, and a clear kickoff timeline from us. After 1-2 weeks for internal discussion, we proceed if all's aligned. Don't worry; even if no agreement, you keep the invaluable brand audit data for free!

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4. Kick-off!

Once the proposal is agreed upon, it usually takes a maximum of 2 weeks to kick off. During this time, we'll concurrently attend to crucial tasks such as generating daily reports, creating creatives, and rectifying paid ads tracking data. Following the kick-off, we seamlessly transition into our Scaling Process and Start the Journey.

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Still Have Questions?

1. How is the pricing model?

2. Is there any minimum length of contract?

You can expect a minimum duration of 6 months to fully immerse yourself in the experience. However, for an even more enriching journey, the average timeframe tends to extend to about 1 year.

3. Have you provided assistance with setting up promotion strategies?

Certainly, we are committed to meticulously crafting and executing the most effective promotion strategy, taking into consideration the ideal timing and situational context.

4. What are the service's KPIs?

The primary KPI is the overall revenue and marketing cost, with the secondary KPI being the Dashboard ROAS.

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Marketplace Ads

We'll planned and executed best practices of keyword targeting, SKU optimization, and on-platform ads to make sure your product always be there when customer needed in marketplace like Shopee, Tokopedia, and Lazada

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